Remains of the Chapel of Bones

Adjacent to the Mediterranean Conference Centre and situated in front of the present entry gate to St. Elmo, lies a considerable building better known as the Evans' Laboratories Building.

Evan's building and surrounds

Within the site's boundaries, one can find the ruins of the 'Chapel of Bones' and 'Nibbia Chapel'. Citing Architect Michael Ellul, Architect Edward Said claims in his thesis 'Subterranean Valletta - A Historical and Descriptive Analysis' (June, 2005), that many people do not realise that the famous 'Chapel of Bones' was a subterranean chamber and that after the war it was inexplicably buried along with the destruction of the Nibbia Chapel

Said further states that both the 'Chapel of Bones' as well as the circular crypt of the Nibbia Chapel still exist today, awaiting excavation.

(source "Fort St. Elmo & Marsamxetto Habour Report" (from (no longer available) )

Nibbia Chapel, 2018

HMS London album. Commission 1929-1931. Nibbia chapel 2018